Oh! What have I done? Before sleep I took one cup of coffee (Nescafe) this is around 11.00pm. Not soon after that my baby wake up and crying for milk. I breastfeed him until his full and he fall asleep again. After I finish surfing internet around 12.30am and get ready to sleep my baby wake up again and this time with big eyes like an owl. The caffeine effected to him very fast. I try to make him sleep again with breastfeed him about 2-3 times but he doesn’t want to sleep.

Actually I’m aware of this caffeine effect to breastfeeding baby but I really miss coffee. This is because my hubby brought back one pack of coffee sample of Nescafe Body Partner. Usually if I want to take coffee I will less the coffee amount so that the effect not that strong. This is my mistake and my baby couldn’t sleep because of me. He with me right now and I don’t know want to do. Poor my baby.

I don’t want to disturb my hubby so I took my baby out from room and I started writing my blog. Now already 2.48am I have to make him sleep if not it is bad for his health. His nose already watering I don’t know if this because he is not sleep or got virus from his father as he got flu and cough.